In a short amount of time, Alena has been able to help me see and feel into the roots of the issues around which I was seeking support. She uses both her mind and heart to connect with me, offer insights into my experiences and struggles, and provide powerful, healing wisdom about how to tend to my own well-being and move through the waves of my life with more awareness, discernment, and ease. In person and virtually, sessions with Alena leave me feeling empowered to shift my patterns of thought, to cultivate my relationship to myself and act from a place of inner knowing, and to navigate life as a more centered and enlivened human being.

- Christine, Brooklyn, USA


I loved my session with Alena and highly recommend her to anyone. The session was not what I expected as I thought it would be a one-way conversation which was not the case. The session was in fact a two-way conversation and it felt like one being held with a dear wise friend. I must admit, Alena was my first experience with a seer and a beautiful one at that. The session was deeply empowering and what I truly needed at the moment. The conversation and insight priceless too.

- Dana, Amman, Jordan


A reading with Alena was like a reminder to me what my unconscious mind already knew, but I was not always listening to it. Or not sure what part is from my mind and what from the heart. It is incredible how Alena pointed out things and felt what connects and suits me best. Through skype we had an hour talk and in advance she asked to sent her my questions. Her personal advices motivated me a lot. Including the confirmation that I am on the right path concerning work and not to doubt about my own healing skills and to keep working on this along my massages and reiki practice. Alena is absolute spiritual and gifted and at the same time down to earth. A perfect combination.

Jolinda, Aqaba, Jordan


Alena has a kind of clarity that can be rare to find in this world.  She has a way of piercing through what I am saying to get to the heart of what I am saying.  And she does so in the most gentle and caring way.  I highly recommend working with her!  

Deema, Amman, Jordan


I’m a believer yet I’m not a believer— But I’m a believer in Alena.

I received a reading from her and it was not fruity (I’m a skeptic.) It was everything. Alena’s readings are thoughtful. She is with you 100%. She has a plethora of questions and sees / asks all the details.


Once the reading is over, it’s not really ever over. Her follow up is both accessible emotionally and timely. To boot you get to walk with her mind. What does this mean? It’s hard to articulate but she has immense historical, cultural, societal, witchy thoughts and knowledge of the feminine.

Her insight is unimaginable. She sees everything.

Get a reading.’

Stacy, San Francisco, USA

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