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Thanks Alena for yesterday’s great session! The breathwork was so relaxing, and I felt chilled for the rest of the evening. I’ll definitely use the breathing techniques you taught us. Thanks.

Paul Fean, Journey Into Breath Participant, 2018



I was fortunate enough to attend a drop in yoga class with Alena last month in Sayulita and I won't forget it. The class was well paced, helped me stretch tight muscles from surfing and work on some different areas of strength too. The room was beautiful, the atmosphere was welcoming (I'm relatively new to yoga) and I left feeling fantastic. I'd go again in a heartbeat.

Luc Bibeau, Yoga Student, 2018‘


I feel alive'

Just walked out of an absolute amazing class with alena. It truly was a union of the body and mind class. You spoke to my physical and astral senses! I feel everybody in the class feels this too as everyone looked alive and activated after! I loved your classes in Jordan and am excited to have had the chance to join you at Paraíso in Sayulita! When I return to sayulita I look forward to practicing with you in this beautiful space again!

Amber James, 1000 hour Sacred Activation Yoga Instructor, 2018


Highly Recommend Yoga with Alena at Paraiso

Paraiso Yoga classes are the real deal in Sayulita and {one of] their instructor[s], Alena- is exceptional. My daughter and I took her Vinyasa class and her Yoga Nidra class. We liked her style so much- her soothing voice- her specific instruction- her authentic understanding that each person's abilities are different and she differentiates her instruction to suit each individual. We enjoyed her style so much we then did several private classes with her- the last day of our stay in Sayulita we did Yoga on the Beach with Alena. I can still hear her say: Right now- there is nowhere you need to be... I will take that with into this New Year. Paris and Alena are both excellent additions to your practice in Sayulita- I highly recommend them both.

Catherine Head, Yoga Student, 2018


I had never practiced yoga outside before. It was wonderful to practice yoga while establishing a connection with nature. Alena's gentle instruction and unique perspective helped encourage me to think more holistically about my yoga practice, beyond just the linkage between body and mind, but also with the earth.

Andrea Heidar, Group Journey, 2017


Alena, was our yoga instructor, and she took us through a very flowy yoga session. Although you could hear roosters and music being played on and off throughout class, there was still a peaceful energy about class. We stayed for a teaching afterwards called "Finding Your Dharma." It was amazing! I can't wait to go back!

Kimmy R, Yoga Student, 2016


Alena has a wonderful way of holding a group's energy and very gently guiding them through a process of grounding and inner transformation. She does all of this in her serene way with the serenity of the desert to enhance the experience.

​Deemah Dee, Yoga & Embodiment Instructor, Group Journey, 2015


Alena is an amazing yoga instructor. In my experience, many instructors tend to focus on the physical components of yoga. Alena's sessions, however, pull together movement, breath, spirituality, and philosophy. The poses and sequences that are integrated accommodate people of all levels and challenge each both physically and mentally. Alena's warm and kind-hearted personality make each session fun and allows one to feel comfortable. Highly recommended.​

Lana Abu Ayyash, Strength Trainer, Yoga Student, 2014


We are special beautiful creatures and we need to take care of ourselves every once in awhile. When you think of physical fitness, hard exercises cross your mind and when you think of a spiritual activity, you imagine yourself sitting still in peace and quiet. Yoga taught me that you can do both in the same time, having to feel neither tired nor bored. I recommend anyone who believe he is special to try yoga with Alena, she'll help you learn how to best take care of yourself.

​Amany Faroun, Yoga Student, 2014


Alena, your yoga is perfect!

​Feras Fanous, Reiki Teacher, 2014

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