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Risk Management


Please take the items below into account to help you to stay healthy and safe during your stay in Sayulita!


Health & Hygiene

  • As your body adjusts to late winter temperatures in Sayulita (mostly cloudless days with high 70s/low 80s F), please remember to wear sun protection and stay hydrated.

  • Hotelito Los Suenos provides clean drinking water in dispensers throughout the hotel premises. Please fill your water bottle regularly. Bottled water may also be purchased in stores in town.

  • Like most tropical environments, Sayulita has a higher likelihood of infection. Please be vigilant about washing hands with soap and water and/or anti-bacterial ointment before all meals and after using the toilet.

  • A list of recommended restaurants may be found here.


Physical Safety & Security


Sayulita is generally a safe destination for foreign guests. Please be aware of the following.


  • Swimming

    • The currents on the north and main beaches are strong and there is a strong riptide running through Sayulita bay. Please wading only. The swimming beach is Playa Los Muertos, located on the south end of town.

  • Petty Night Time Street Crime

    • After dark, please:

      • walk with a buddy,

      • carry your bag under your shoulder

      • avoid the beach

      • avoid unlit areas of town

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