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Desert Feminine with Saraswati & Alena

All items on this list are suggestions that reflect the successful experiences of past journey-ers in Jordan!   Clothing amounts are the suggested minimum.

GEAR – Comfort is key as you consider the gear needed to support your travels!


□  Cash/ATM Card/Credit Card – Jordan is mostly a cash economy; bring a hundred or so (USD/EUR) to change at the airport for personal items/souvenirs; if you need more money, it'll be easiest to access cash with an ATM card in Amman on the first day or in Petra on Day 6;

□  DAY PACK Small, light, nylon bag with straps for day excursions. It should be big enough to hold a water bottle, headlamp, some food, a camera and a book or journal. Try out your daypack to see if it is large enough for all your essentials!

□  SUNGLASSES Bring one pair that offers GOOD UV protection. The sun is bright in Jordan and you will want excellent eye protection.

□  TOILETRIES shampoo, soap, toothbrush and tooth paste.

□  JOURNAL/NOTEBOOK Should be compact, but have room enough to record your daily thoughts.

□  TOWEL Preferably quick-dry and compact.

□  HAT The sun is strong, so a brimmed hat is helpful.

□  HEADLAMP We recommend headlamps for nights in the desert camp. Check your batteries!

□  CAMERA Are you an avid photographer? Bring an extra memory card!

□  SUN SCREEN - SPF 30+ (water/sweat proof). Again, the sun is intense and faces, necks, and toes can burn easily!

□  LIP BALM with SUNSCREEN – and the desert is dry!

□  PURELL (hand-sanitizing gel) 2 small bottles, or anti-bacterial hand wipes).


□  GLASSES & CONTACTS Please bring an extra pair of glasses. If you wear contacts, it is a good idea to bring one extra pair of glasses and extra contacts. If you choose to bring contacts bring an adequate supply of saline solution. Also, it is helpful to have a compact mirror for taking your contacts in and out in the desert. Note: Jordan is dusty, and contacts may be uncomfortable to wear. If your eyes are sensitive, consider wearing glasses.

□  ALARM CLOCK Small travel clock with an alarm, or a watch with an alarm. We recommend testing your alarm to make sure it can wake you up independently.

□  GIFTS a simple item to present to the family with whom we dine on Day 2.  Picture books of home and inflatable globes are great. Other gift ideas: perfumes, hard candy, key chains, head scarves (an especially great gift for women who cover their heads), headlamps.

□  PULL OVER/LIGHT JACKET Evenings and nights in the desert can get chilly so you will be happy to have one warm layer.

□  SOCKS depending on how often you will wear sandals vs. closed toed shoes bring a couple of pairs.

□  UNDERWEAR (4 pairs)

□  WALKING SHOES Our walks will require comfortable sturdy shoes, but not large heavy hiking boots. We recommend trail runners with good traction as sufficient for rocky terrain as these are lighter and cooler than heavier boots.

□  FLIP FLOPS Great for desert! 

□  SWIMMING GOGGLES - if you wish to submerge your head in the Dead Sea, swimming goggles are essential

□  EAR PLUGS These can often come in extremely handy to secure a good night sleep!

□  MOSQUITO NET - in the past, mosquitos have been an issue at Ammarin Camp.  While the camp provides nylon tents for those troubled by the mosquitos, bringing along a mosquito net will ensure that you get a good night's sleep in your bed!


CLOTHING – Ideal clothing for Desert Feminine does not show dirt and is lightweight. In Jordan, there is a lot of emphasis put on dressing well if you have the means to - specifically clean and un-torn.

Dressing in a way that is sensitive to cultural norms goes a long way in facilitating engagement with the people that we meet and opening doors for ourselves. We recommend at least one outfit that covers arms to the wrists, legs to the ankles and chests up to the neck.  Simultaneously, during our time in Baidha, we will be in private/international spaces and you may dress in a style that is comfortable for you.   Though in some urban, public areas you will see locals dressed in a more western fashion and throughout the country you will see foreigners dressed in revealing clothing, in public spaces, we will always err on the conservative side in order to engage across all levels of society.

Weather in October is generally hot and dry in the day – 20s - and warm and dry at night – 10s.

In Jordan, dress is an important element of gender definition.  As a result, we've got slightly different clothing lists for men and women..



□  T-SHIRTS (2)—Should not be black (attracts heat and flies). Looser fitting shirts will be more comfortable in the heat.

□  PANTS (2) We don’t recommend bringing jeans, as they can be heavy in the heat. Your pants should be durable and lightweight, and, if possible, darker in color to reduce the amount of dust that shows. Again, something that fits loosely will keep you cooler. Wide-leg pants that might drag on the ground are not advisable as they collect dust.


□  SLEEP WEAR  Bring something such as pajama pants and a t-shirt to sleep in.





The general rule is to be covered with loose clothing from your wrists to your ankles. Wearing appropriate clothing is more constraining for women, but also more essential! Covering will cut down on unsolicited attention and keep you cool in the hot sun.  If you have questions, please contact us. After years in Jordan, we've found that there is a lot of space for fun and creativity in meeting the constraints of local dress!

□  LONG-SLEEVED LIGHTWEIGHT SHIRTS (2) We recommend something that is long-sleeved (to your wrists) that will keep you cool and will dry quickly (either of synthetic materials, light-weave cotton or linen). All of your shirts should be loose, have no V-necks or scoop necks, and cover your stomach and lower back (if you raise your arms and skin shows, this is too short). PLEASE DO NOT BRING: shirts that are low cut, tight, transparent, or show your stomach.

□  T-SHIRTS (2)—Avoid black (attracts heat and flies). Looser fitting shirts will be more comfortable in the heat.

□  PANTS (1) We don’t recommend bringing jeans, as they are heavy in the heat. Your pants should be durable, lightweight, loose, and, if possible, dark in color to avoid showing dust. Your pants should reach your ankles. Again, something that fits loosely will keep you cooler and may also be worn under a skirt. Don’t bring capris, skinny jeans or any tight pants, shorts, or wide-leg pants that might drag on the ground.

□  LONG SKIRT/MAXI-DRESS (1) Skirts and/or maxi-dresses can be a great cool and comfortable choice. Skirts, like pants, should come to your ankles (no calf-length), be loose, and not transparent.

□  SWIM WEAR (1) Please bring a one piece suit or a pair of shorts and a t-shirt for swimming in the Dead Sea.

□  SLEEP WEAR Bring something to sleep in such as pajama pants and a t-shirt.

□  SCARVES/BANDANA (1) Non-Muslim women are in NO WAY expected to wear a head scarf (hijaab), but any sort of scarf can be useful to keep dust out of hair in desert areas of the country.



Our accommodation providers are aware of the need for space and comfort in our practice. Please bring clothing that will allow you to feel comfortable and to fully embrace your practice.

□  PANTS (2)

□  TOPS (4)

□  MAT (1)

□  PROPS Whatever supports your current practice! Blocks, belts, etc

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