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Exhale & Become the Sky with Yoganand

All items on this list are suggestions that reflect the successful experiences of past yogis – internationally and in Mexico!  

GEAR – Comfort is key as you consider the gear needed to support your travels!


□  Cash/ATM Card/Credit Card – Sayulita is mostly a cash economy; bring one to two hundred (CAD/USD/EUR) to change at the airport for meals/personal items/souvenirs; if you need more money, it'll be easiest to access cash with an ATM card in Sayulita;

□  DAY PACK Small, light, nylon bag with straps for day excursions. It should be big enough to hold a water bottle, snacks, a camera and a journal. Try out your daypack to see if it is large enough for all your essentials!

□  WATER BOTTLE Can be filled with bottled water at hotel for use in town and during excursions

□  SUNGLASSES Bring one pair that offers GOOD UV protection. The sun is bright in Sayulita and you will want excellent eye protection.

□  TOILETRIES shampoo, toothbrush and tooth paste.

□  JOURNAL/NOTEBOOK Should be compact, but have room enough to record your daily thoughts..

□  HAT The sun is strong, so a brimmed hat is helpful.

□  CAMERA Are you an avid photographer? Bring an extra memory card!

□  SUN SCREEN - SPF 30+ (water/sweat proof). Again, the sun is intense and faces, necks, and toes can burn easily!

□  PURELL (hand-sanitizing gel) one small bottle, or anti-bacterial hand wipes).

□  PRESCRIPTION MEDICATIONS – Sayulita, like many Mexican tourist towns, is full of pharmacys where you can buy prescription medications at significantly discounted prices, however, availability of medicines is not always consistent, so we suggest being prepared with whatever you may need'

'□  BUG SPRAY – if you are sensitive to mosquitoes, bug spray is a must

□  GLASSES & CONTACTS Please bring an extra pair of glasses. If you wear contacts, it is a good idea to bring one extra pair of glasses and extra contacts. If you choose to bring contacts bring an adequate supply of saline solution.

□  PULL OVER/LIGHT JACKET Evenings and nights can get chilly so you will be happy to have one warm layer.

□  SOCKS depending on how often you will wear sandals vs. closed toed shoes bring a couple of pairs.

□  UNDERWEAR (5 pairs)

□  WALKING SHOES Our walk to Altavista will require comfortable sturdy shoes, but not large heavy hiking boots. We recommend trail runners with good traction as sufficient for rocky terrain as these are lighter and cooler than heavier boots.

□  FLIP FLOPS For the beach and pool!

□  EAR PLUGS These can often come in extremely handy to secure a good night sleep! Sayulita is full of unpredictable roosters!



Weather in March is generally warm and dry in the day – high 70s - and cool and dry at night – mid-60s. Sayulita is a beach town, so casual wear is acceptable in all spaces. Please consider the following activities when packing clothing:

  • daily yoga practice – our practice space is in an open-air palapa with walls on two sides – expect mid 70s during morning asana/pranayama practice

  • one-day hike to Altavista Petroglyph Site – shorts or light pants & t-shirt/tank

  • temescal sweat lodge ceremony – t-shirt/tank and swimsuit/shorts, a sarong or large cloth can be helpful for sitting or wrapping around oneself inside the lodge

  • swimsuit(s) for pool/beach time

  • welcome & farewell dinners with groups – this is a space to dress up if you wish!

  • dinners on your own in town


Hotelito Los Suenos provides mats, blocks, straps, blankets and thin bolsters. If you require other props for your practice, please be sure to bring them along.

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