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Simplify & Connect: Yoga & Healing Journey

12 - 21 September 2020


For those seeking simplicity and connection. Join us this fall in Jordan for a journey to ancient wisdom, laughter and the soul.  Connect to self as you weave your way through the purifying energies of this sacred land embracing the wisdom and simplicity of local tradition, culture and the daily practice of yoga.


Includes visits to Petra, Dead Sea, Wadi Rum, Amman & Baidha.

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We welcome you with great respect and love to this magical journey deep into the mountains and deserts of southern Jordan,  We welcome you whether you are a first timer or if you have already experienced retreat with Narayani and Alena. This is an all-inclusive journey, open to all humans. All cultures, faiths, lifestyles are welcome here.

This tranquil desert journey is the perfect opportunity for you to dive deep into the vast expanses of southern Jordan. The Bedouin tribes of southern Jordan have thrived for centuries with a set of values based around on simplicity of word, thought and action, reliant on deep connection to land, community and self. For 10 days, be immersed in natural desert rhythms as you experience a deep simplicity and connection, allowing you to listen more deeply to the land and to yourself.

Our journey begins on the shores of the Dead Sea, where we experience a cleansing and letting go as we bathe in its salty waters and meditate on its sandy shores. Protected by rocks and mountains, hidden away in the wild deserts just northwest of the ancient city of Petra, our second stop is the Ammarin Bedouin Camp, deep in the canyon of Wadi al Amti. A traditional healing place, al Amti carries strong, protective energies that support the spirit, allowing the process of letting go to unfold with grace. From the mountains, we travel down into the stunning red deserts of Wadi Rum, to embrace a direct connection with nature, camping and hiking amongst the cliffs and valleys of this majestic setting. Our journey comes to a close on the shores of the Red Sea in Aqaba, where we have the space to nourish and integrate as we reflect on the lessons of the journey. 

Our daily schedule is framed by morning and evening practice. During the day, we embrace the energies of the land and the group as we engage in different movement, healing and learning activities - including a visit to Jesus' Baptism Site, meals with local families, snorkeling in the Red Sea and the opportunity to sit in meditation at sunset inside the Petra site.

All practices shared by Narayani and Alena are grounded in wisdom teachings of the eastern a western hemispheres and are a transformative offering for the body, mind and spirit.

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