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Saraswati Bella Hancock


has been teaching Hatha Yoga for the last 20 years. . Based in the west Of of Ireland, she directs Heart Ways Yoga training courses and Devi Yoga Studio.  

Saraswati is a 500 hour trained teacher and has 1000’s of practice hours and teaching experience behind her.  She is a yoga therapist specializing in women’s wellbeing, a yoga nidra facilitator and is immersed on the living path of tantra yoga.


Saraswati’s influences and inspirations include the teachings of Swami Satyananda, BKS Iyengar, teachers of Scaravelli Yoga, the tantric and structural yoga of Mukunde Stiles and the Trilogy Yoga teachings of Chinnamasta Stiles.  Saraswati also studied and taught sacred feminine dance movement for 14 years, and has explored different movement practices including Feldenkrais and Qi Gong.

Saraswati holds regular classes, workshops, retreats and women’s gatherings internationally.  She fuses yoga with her love for Oriental dance to create Devi Dance – a movement practice that honors feminine energy and the energy body with dance, Yoga, breath, mudra and sound. 

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Saraswati is a long term student of Danza Duende - an international network of teachers, artists and practitioners dedicated to ‘dancing life’ and the open hearted expression of ourselves in our basic goodness as human beings.  


She is the director of the Yoga Mandala Project- a growing global community of teachers committed to offering yoga as seva in international refugee communities.


Her teaching style is light hearted and open, offering freedom within the form through breath and delight in movement. She infuses Asana and Vinyasa practice with tantric teachings, mantra, mudra and devotional awareness.




“I highly recommend you to sit close to Saraswati.  She embodies the wisdom, she is walking her talk, she is a rare gem. A teaching can only be shared in truth and fall upon the heart when the teacher is doing a consistent deep sadhana. That kind of teacher is rare. Once you sit close in a state of respect and love, with a longing to dig one well deep, the secrets will be revealed”  - Chinnamasta Stiles, Wisdom Teacher, California, USA


“Saraswati is an incredible soul who creates and holds the most beautiful and safest of spaces for this work.“ Tina, YTT Student, Ireland

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